Wild Scampi

Metanephrops Mozambicus / Andamanicus

A succulent shellfish, which is closely related to the lobster family. They are wild caught in the pristine, clean waters of the Mozambique channel - East Coast of Africa. This species is caught in depths from 300m-750m, and are frozen at sea on board HACCP and E.U certified vessels. They are a high-value shellfish which are sustainably sourced.

Wild Scampi
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Langoustines are usually sold in their whole raw frozen state, or as ready prepared frozen tails. Shell off langoustine meat is also a favourite amongst buyers. They are naturally bright orange in colour and turn a paler orange or pink on cooking. Frozen ready prepared langoustine tails are easier to cook with, and are very versatile. Langoustines are available frozen raw, in and out of their shells.


Frozen raw langoustines need to be defrosted in cold water before preparing to cook. Some popular methods are roasting or boiling in salted water before the meat is extracted from their shells. They are delicious served with just a squeeze of lemon, garlic or parsley butter. Langoustines can also be added to curries, pasta and paella. Pre-boiled langoustines should be reheated gently, not overcooked or the meat will become tough. Alternatively enjoy pre-boiled or steamed langoustines cold in a salad with a dollop of mayonnaise or splash of vinegar


Mozambique and South Africa have the institutional structures in place for adequate fisheries management. The Department of Fisheries in both countries have adequate data collection systems in place and the resource is adequately managed through a total allowable catch system. All product has full traceability and is accompanied with E.U catch certificates.