West Coast Rock Lobster

Jasis Lalandi

Also known as the West Coast Rock Lobster or JL’s the Jasus Lalandii is a spiny lobster found off the coast of Southern Africa. Looking very similar to the St Paul rock lobster one may even mistake them for the other at first glance.  This rock lobster makes up a large part of the fishing industry in Southern Africa and specifically the Western Cape in South Africa where much employment is generated through fishing for this species.

West Coast Rock Lobster
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This lobster can be purchased in three different forms, either live, whole raw frozen or tailed. Most companies look to sell this lobster live to the massive Asian and USA markets as this fetches the highest price. Known for its sweet and succulent taste, this lobster is very popular throughout the world.


Cut the whole lobster or tails into a butterfly cut and bast the meat with garlic butter. Place the lobster in an already pre heated oven at 180 C until the meat turns opaque in color. It is particularly important to not over cook the meat and ensure that the dish is served straight from the oven to plate.


Management for this lobster is done through a Total Allowable Catch (TAC) limit which is subdivided across the geographical area where the lobster can be found, the area- from Namibia in Walvis Bay all the way around the coast to East London in South Africa. This management system seems to be somewhat effective through the catching technique of using pots.