ASC Tiger Prawns

Penaeus monodon

The Madagascar Tiger prawn are known for their sweet, crispy tasting meat which may be as a direct result of their low-density stocking model of 5 to 10 shrimp per square meter, instead of over 50 in intensive farming. The shrimp food is partly provided by their natural environment and to reiterate the quality this is the first ever shrimp producer to be awarded the French Rouge certification.

ASC Tiger Prawns
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Crisp, succulent and firm, with a delicate bouquet and flavours of the ocean. There is no lack of words to describe the pleasure of savouring this high-quality flavoured shrimp. Fresh, delicious, beautiful shrimp with their long antennae. A prawn of true exception.


There are three different suggested ways to prepare these prawns, these being pan fried, grilled or boiled. Boiling these prawns in salted water and leaving them to cool in a bowl of ice allows you to really taste the crisp succulent meat and is by far our favourite and recommended way to eat them. One can savour the true flavour of excellence.


Conscious of the environment, our suppliers apply strict ecological standards. The Group aquaculture sites are considered as a benchmark in the industry and in collaboration with the WWF. Having received an Aquaculture Stewardship Certification (ASC) and being the first in Africa to receive such recognition for a farmed prawn says it all in the quality and sustainability of this product.